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Kate Lewis Kate Lewis (RN) Managing Director. Registered Nurse. HE Diploma in Occupational Health (Nursing). Certificate in OH Case Management University of Glasgow. IRCA Lead Auditor.

Kate set up ACI Training & Consultancy in 2012, rebranding Ace Care which she owned since 2004. She has worked in the healthcare recruitment industry since 1999, has vast experience in all aspects of the field and specialises in compliance solutions, audit and training. She has also been involved in assisting companies set up their policies and procedures and compliance standards in line with the Framework Contract Agreements for Temporary Staffing in the NHS; and, has also worked with those who have failed audits and improved upon their compliance standards to achieve Platinum status.

Dave LewisDave Lewis  Operations Manager, long suffering husband of Kate and best friend of Darren.

Dave has worked with Kate since 2008, (married to her since 1987!). Dave takes care of the day to day running of ACI with the whole of the ACI team co-ordinating client visits, training bookings, arranging nurse interviews, nurse appraisals and revalidations. Dave is the go to guy of the team for information or where to source information. He usually can be relied upon to remain calm in a crisis. He is a lifelong Chelsea supporter – somebody has to be!!!!! He can often be found at airshows photographing WW2 airplanes which is his passion and he is going up in a Spitfire over the White Cliffs of Dover in June 2017.

Elaine ChinnElaine Chinn  Registered Nurse. HE Diploma in Occupational Health (Nursing). Lead OH Nurse.

Elaine has been working with Kate since 2006 as Occupational Health Nurse. She heads up the OH department and is responsible for the health screening fitness to work process as well as absence management, telephone consultations and pregnancy risk assessment screening. Elaine works in a satellite office in the beautiful Forest of Dean and has a love of wildlife, especially owls, of which she has a large collection (not real ones!) Elaine is the wise owl when it comes to Occupational Health requirements.

Rhiannon WitneyRhiannon Witney  Compliance Manager. Phlebotomist. Occupational Health Administrator.

Since 2014 Rhiannon has worked with ACI. Rhiannon is part of the ACI Training Management Committee who meet bi-monthly to review all of our training courses, plan new training courses and market these. Rhiannon has worked in the healthcare recruitment industry for several years and is a key team player in our auditing service working closely with Kate and Darren as well as working closely with Nina delivering Statutory/Mandatory Training around the UK. Rhiannon works out of our Greater London satellite office. The name Rhiannon is a Welsh Horse Goddess name meaning White Witch or Great Queen – our Rhiannon has Welsh roots and makes the best sandwiches ever for our meetings so she is our Queen and we worship her so!

Ros ThompsonRos Thompson  Customer Care. Training Administrator.

Ros has worked closely with Sally as an administrator for the distance learning and online training but has also just completed her NVQ Level 3 in Customer Care Services. It is usually Ros who answers the phone in the office (unless she is already on it!) and we have nicknamed Ros as Rosemary – the telephone operator character from the cartoon series Hong Kong Phooey! Ros is calm, professional and collect on the telephone and is our “voice”. She also is a gym freak and can be found there with Sally!

Charlotte BrooksCharlotte Brooks  Registered Nurse. OH Nurse Advisor. Nurse Interviewer and Revalidation Specialist.

Charlotte joined us in April 2016 and has a multi-faceted role within ACI. Charlotte has worked in all specialities in nursing, with her most recent role being in general practice. Charlotte has worked closely with Darren and Kate in developing ACI’s Revalidation Confirmation Service which is becoming more and more popular as a service to agency nurses who do not have substantive posts and permanent line managers. Charlotte is known for her very cheerful disposition and her most favourite saying is “smile and wave”.

A madcap day at ACI  
Darren Wiggins Darren Wiggins Quality Director. IRCA Lead Auditor.

Darren Wiggins joined the Army aged 21 and completed 22 years of service finishing as a Warrant Officer Class 1 Artificer Sergeant Major WO1 (ASM). While in the army, he qualified as a Total Quality Practitioner, Health and Safety Advisor, ISO 9000 Quality Auditor and a Project Manager.

Darren attended the University of Nottingham to complete an Effective Management course and the University of Leeds for a course on Making Change Effective: Planning and Managing Organisational Change.

Since joining ACI in 2012, Darren has prepared the Quality Management system for ISO accreditation; successfully gained SEQOHS accreditation for the ACI Occupational Health Division; HABC accreditation (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance) of some of ACI training courses; also, accreditation with The One Awards (previously the Open College Network) accreditation for ACI Level 3 Phlebotomy Course.

Tara Jones Tara Jones Deputy Operations Manager.

Tara is Deputy Operations Manager and has been with ACI since 2012. Tara assists Dave and also deputises in his absence. Tara administrates all aspects of ACI – her nickname in the office is “on it” as she takes her role very seriously and deals with whatever comes her way in a swift and professional manner. Tara is an excellent organiser and keeps us all on our toes! Tara organises all of our staff outings and manages our savings for such events and also is the “weigh master” for our group weight loss challenge!

Nina Dalziel Nina Dalziel Registered Nurse. Clinical Nurse Assessor. OH Nurse Advisor. Clinical Complaints Handler. Nurse Interviewer.

A woman of very many talents! Nina came to an open day to see what we were about in 2004 and she has been part of the team since then. Nina is dependable, loyal, reliable and so very knowledgeable. Nina is a key part of the business and works very closely with Kate and Darren on the training management committee writing, reviewing and accrediting our courses for continuing professional development. Customers adore her and she is the best ambassador that ACI could have.

Alison Pritchard Alison Pritchard Senior Occupational Health Administrator.

Alison joined ACI in 2014 after having worked in the healthcare industry since the 1990’s. Alison has worked with Kate in a past life and we were keen to get Alison on board and so literally stalked her for 6 months until she gave in and came to work with us in the OH department. Alison is known as “Sherlock” as literally nothing gets past her and she has successfully uncovered several “falsified” serology and immunisation reports leading to close connections between ACI and NHS Protect.

Sally Gittoes Sally Gittoes Senior Training Administrator. Online Training Administrator.

Sally joined ACI in 2013. She began as an administrator marking multiple choice question papers and creating certificates. We have since joined the 21st century and Sally has been instrumental in working with our IT company (Icon Digital Services) in testing new systems and assisting with online training queries. Sally is the person to go to with any distance learning or online training questions. Sally is always fit for duty as she goes to the gym every morning at 0600 before coming to work – we are beginning to wonder what is in those protein drinks!!

Claire James Claire James Administrator.

Claire joined the team in 2015. She is an all round administrator and works closely with Kate organising new projects. Claire is currently on maternity leave until November 2017 having recently given birth to the most adorable baby Ronnie who is quite famous around these parts – Team Ronnie recently raised over £8.5 thousand for Southmead Hospital Charity with ACI raising over £1000.00 of those funds. It’s a long story but Claire is nicknamed “spare” due to the fact that before she joined her phone was labelled up as a spare extension and also because she can turn her hand to anything needed in the office and is always being asked if she has a moment to spare!

Carey Morton Carey Morton Registered Nurse. Nurse Interviewer and Revalidation Specialist.

Carey joined ACI at the same time as Charlotte and has worked closely with Nina in developing the Nurse Interview service that we provide ensuring that all grades and specialities are covered proficiently. She has worked at very senior grades in many specialities including the Prison service, occupational health, community, NHS hospitals and the private sector. Carey is our main link (along with Nina) to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) on any queries regarding nurse registrants. Carey is a key service to nursing agencies as she highlights any recruitment issues and has on several occasions uncovered problems and prevented poor decisions being made on behalf of our customers. Carey is Doctor Watson to our Sherlock!