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businessACI Training & Consultancy have been providing training to both the health and social care, and commercial sectors for many years, so we are experienced at providing the right training solution for your needs. We are expert providers of over 50 health and social care training courses as well as statutory mandatory training which is mapped and aligned to the UK CSTF.  We have a training management committee which convenes bi-monthly to review, update and accredit our training courses.





Why choose us for your training?

  •  Experienced in this sector
  •  Designed to meet your needs as well as national and local policy requirements
  •  Training can be provided at any location
  •  Professional and Reliable
  •  Certificates dispatched within 2 working days
  •  All statutory mandatory health and social care training courses are mapped and aligned to the UK CSTF
  •  CPD certified


Face to Face Delivery

In the majority of circumstances our training is delivered by Registered Nurses and specialists from the particular subject and content of the course.

All of our training courses can, if required be delivered in a face to face, classroom environment. Our manual handling, fire safety and Resuscitation Level 2 are only delivered face to face due to the practical assessment element. This ensures the safety of trainees and their service users when working in a health care environment. Courses are delivered by experienced, qualified trainers who come from a health care background and who have the relevant clinical skills. We limit the number of candidates on a face to face course in practical subjects to 15 for health and safety reasons and risk assess each venue so that we are assured it is a suitable and safe environment for the training to take place.

We can deliver any of our training at any location in the United Kingdom at a convenient date and time for our customers. We realise that some customers would require evenings or weekends and we do our very best to meet those needs.

Booking is easy and each customer has a dedicated training administrator.



Our online training system is a convenient and cost effective way for candidates and customers to take their statutory mandatory training as well as other courses that can help with continuous personal development (CPD). The system is easy to use and most cost effective as each candidate has 3 attempts at a course with each purchase. Results are immediate. Our online training system can easily be viewed on PC, tablet or phone so is totally portable for candidates to study as and when is convenient for them. All of our courses (apart from practically assessed courses) will be available online.


Distance Learning

An alternative to online training, distance learning is a popular option. Some candidates are not comfortable using technology as a learning tool and would rather read through a paper training booklet. Once again, our system is simple to use and is particularly useful as part of a blended learning solution to enhance face to face training sessions. All of our courses (apart from practically assessed courses), are available as distance learning.